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8 burner gas cooker – (8 burner cooker)

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    Product Description

    Product introduction:

    Portable gas stove:the perfect combination of traditional gas burner and new style energy-saving stove. It is suitable for hotels, restaurants, schools, outdoor barbecue, household cooking, etc.We have such characteristics as wide application range,the strong function, the more remarkable energy saving.Because of the unique design, the whirlwind fire hole at the bottom can produce the secondary air into the combustion due to the heat flux principle.And the excellent patent fire orifice arrange can make burning more uniform and reach energy-saving effect.Our design makes the oxygen aid-combustion reach the optimum efficiency.


    cast iron gas stove
    1.high quality
    2.single,double,three ovens can be choosen
    3.OEM is welcome
    4.CE certificate

    Dimension 1000x1800x760

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